VindaleResearch Review

Well there has been a buzz over the internet about this website. But exactly how much can one make with Vindale research?and exactly how easy is it to earn with Vindale research? In this unbiased review we shall try to demystify vindale research and expose its pros and cons.

First things first, what is the background of vindale research?(

The company was started in 2005 in New York. It is owned by Vindale Media,LLC.

Two addresses have been mentioned to be associated with the company..

243 Fifth Avenue

New York, New York 10016



210 5th Ave 8th Floor

New York, NY 10010


Other contact information available includes a phone number (877)484-6325.

Vindale Research has been BBB accredited since January 2016.

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So How does one make money with Vindale Research?

Vindale research is basically an online surveys website that pays people for their feedback online. But what makes different from other online survey sites is the numerous ways through which each members can make extra money besides taking surveys.

Here are the various ways of earning with vindale

-Filling Surveys

-Vindale videos

-Product testing/trials

-Coupons and Discounts


-Payment photo

-Cash Contest

-Reward Mails

Vindale Pros and Cons


-$2 start up bonus

-$5 for every friend you invite

-Payments are made through paypal so its possible to get paid almost anywhere worldwide

-unlike other referral sites, Vindale members are not limited to where they can advertise their referral links

-Reward mailing is an opportunity for members to get paid for adverts sent to their email,