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fiverr review

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Unbiased Fiverr Review 2020

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Over the years, Fiverr is increasingly becoming one of the most popular places for hiring virtual assistants online. But that still begs the question: Is Fiverr worth it? And will I get the best services? So, with that in mind, we are going to take a closer look at this market place in this short fiverr review.

What does Fiverr mean for any business owner? Well, it’s hard to handle all aspects of your business on your own. And at some point, you will have to outsource some of your services. That is where Fiverr comes in.

Fiverr’s affiliate program

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    For as low as $5, you can now buy different services- From content writing for your business to logo design. From design and animation to website creation. Fiverr has it all. There’s, however, the untold side of this platform too. That is why this article is in your best interest.

    Benefits of Using Fiverr

    1.     Easy to Use

    One of the ultimate perks of buying services on Fiverr is that it’s quite easy to use. You can seamlessly communicate with your freelancer even if you are not experienced. What’s more, you can customize your search for a specific service, so you get the best out of your experience.

    2.   Variety of services

    Fiverr is a huge marketplace. More importantly, it’s diverse, and you can find most of the services offered on this platform. Actually, you can even get bargains and discounts for the services provided. A few of them are listed below:

    Fiver review: shop for a logo on fiverrChoose from hundreds of logo designers and get your logo done within 24hours at the best prices on the internet.

    Fiver review: shop for explainer video on fiverrDo you have content but need someone to do an explainer video based on your content for a good fee? or are you good at creating fun explainer videos and would like to get paid for your talent? 

    Fiver review: shop for a voice over on fiverr

    Thousands of voice over offers to choose from. Do you want the cheapest? the best reviewed? or the freelance with the most experience to do your voice overs? the choice is yours.

    Fiver review: Get someone to write original content for your blogAre you a blogger? hundreds or content writers are ready to write articles for your blog. Just choose one, tell them the specifics of what you want them to write and decide on a price and delivery date!

    Get up to unlimited revisions!

    get that project started!Whatever you need to make your business grow, or whatever talent you have…someone out there on fiverr is looking for someone  just like you and is looking forward to doing business with you.

    hire someone to help with your projectAny project that you have, online or offline, its possible to think that may be the pace is becoming a little bit too slow or even get stuck somewhere on the way. 

    why not post it on fiverr and state how much you are willing to pay someone to get you unstuck?

    3.     It’s Affordable

    Like I said earlier, the services on this platform are quite affordable. Some go for as low as $5. But if you are smart enough, then the five-dollar service shouldn’t be an option. There’s a reason why it’s that cheap, though. All in all, there are different prices on the same platform.

    4.     It’s easy to find information about sellers

    The platform makes it easy to look at some of the feedback that sellers have been getting. So, before you contact a specific seller on the platform, you can take time and check what other buyers say about his/her services. Also, you will deal directly with the seller. Fiverr only brings the two parties together.

    5. Fiverr’s refer a friend program

    Fiverr has one of the best referral programs. This gives gives fiverr an upper hand among the freelancing sites available today. In this fiverr review i will only mention too much about the referral program. I could write forever telling you how impressive their program is but i will write separately about that at a later date.

    Fiverr’s referral program can be explained in 3 simple steps:


    Share your referral link to your friends via email, whatsapp or social media


    Your friend registers themself  on fiverr and makes their first purchase. fiverr will give them 20% discount on their first order.


    You earn 20% of the value of their first order which can be withdrawn to your bank or paypal account!

    If you would like to know what other referral programs are out there click here to read my other review of popular referral programs.

    Drawbacks of using Fiverr

    Well, as much as this platform sounds like the best marketplace online, it still has several disadvantages. They include:

    1.     Economic meltdown

    When you buy services at a low price, for instance, $5, then you are negatively affecting the journalism and freelancing industry. Ten years back, a freelancer living in the US could comfortably earn $300 for quality services. But today, since some sellers offer the same services at a low price. Meaning you can buy from a seller with an impressive resume at less than $25 for the same article.

    2.      Long Working Hours

    freelancing pros and consWhen you purchase less expensive services, it means that someone is working overtime to reach the goals of his/her bills. An article on Wikipedia suggests that sellers on Fiverr are practically working hard for less hence incurring long working hours.

    3.    Fake reviews

    Some of the unethical sellers in this platform are known for buying reviews to sell their services. These people can hurt the platform if they are not rooted out of Fiverr. However, Fiverr is working closely with Amazon to get rid of such fake reviews on the platform

    Final Verdict

    As much as you might run into unethical sellers, most of the people working on this platform are hard workers, and you will get quality services. Even with all the flaws, though they also need to be fixed, Fiverr still takes the win when you are looking for quality services.

    I hope this Fiverr review has shed some light on any of the questions you might have had as a buyer or seller. If not, please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Alternatives to Fiverr

    There are several alternatives that you can use if you don’t want to use Fiverr. They include:

    • Upwork
    • Guru
    • Toptal
    • PeoplePerHour

    Fiverr’s affiliate program

    Are you an affiliate marketer, find out more about fiverr’s affiliate program here