Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

Also know as Wealthy Affiliate University or simply WA, Wealthy Affiliate has existed since 2005. This online program and company was founded by Kyle and Carson and has been paying people since then.

I was lucky to have wealthy Affiliate as one of the first websites I came across when researching how to make money online working from home. The free materials I got from wealthy affiliate were enough to get me started and to guide me how to make a stable income online especially as an affiliate. The paid material is simply the game changer!

So.. I guess you are asking yourself What is Wealthy Affliate?


First, this is not a get rich quick scheme! So, if that’s what you are looking for then you landed on the wrong page. Wealthy Affiliate is divided into two sections; Get started here courses and Affiliate Bootcamp.


Wealthy Affiliate's Get Started Here Courses

Think of it as simply a community if like minded people with one goal to succeed making money online. The community is led by Kyle and Carson. So the two lads came together and with the knowledge and experience they had in online marketing, put both free and paid courses on their website. There are both text and videos to help complete beginners get started making money online.

This is the most impressive guide I have found online. Other members like yourself, some already making money online are available to chat with and exchange ideas. It’s a good place to find mentor affiliates too!

Often, most of the free courses you will come across online are not even worth your time reading and most people who put up such courses just live in hope that you will click that buy button and go for their premium stuff hoping it will be better. Kyle and Carson, however, came up with a very educative free course (no credit card required) that is capable of helping you stand alone even if you did not buy their premium course. 

They even give you two free blogs with free web hosting and teach you how to create an authoritative website and how to make money from it.

What is included in Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership?

With free membership you get:

  1. Live help from Kyle and other members for the first 1week
  2. 30 free keyword searches monthly
  3. Free websites/blogs with free hosting
  4. Free video tutorials
  5. Affiliate boot camp phase 1


You also learn how to..

  1. Find a niche to promote
  2. Use keyword search tool to get most effective keywords
  3. Make your own blog
  4. Monetize your blog and make money from it
  5. Find copyright-free images to use on your blog



There are just so much benefits on their website and you know what… I will let you find out the rest for yourself. I don’t wanna ruin your surprise (for those who have gotten tired of researching genuine ways to earn money online without much success).

Check it out Here

Its free to register so you have nothing to lose.


What's included in Wealthy Affiliate's premium membership?

    • Live video tutorials
    • Website backup package for your websitesAccess to 500+ modules
    • Unlimited websites – free hosting
    • Website security package for your websites
    • Live support from Kyle
    • All boot camp phases
    • 100% higher commission – double of what free members make.
    • Unlimited Keyword searches
    • Training modules

How much is Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?

You may decide to start with the free membership and decide if its worth upgrading to Premium membership but in my opinion there’s more to learn in premium membership especially if you want to be a good online entrepreneur.

Premium membership coast $19 for the first month and $49 for the rest of the months. It will however only cost you $30 per month if you went for the annual membership of $357.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for all stages of training – Beginner, intermediate and Advanced.
  • Free to Join
  • A well structured program with a clear goal.
  • Step by step free video tutorial training
  • 2 free websites with free hosting
  • $19 only to try premium membership
  • Interactive classes with tasks for you to complete.
  • A members’ forum where members share their success stories and new ideas
  • Live Help from Kyle the founder
  • A new keyword search tool alternative to google adwords keyword tool.
  • Only two memberships, free membership and premium membership. No upsells.


  • Although free membership content on its own is beneficial, paid membership is highly recommended and more beneficial.
  • No advertisements allowed on the forum and you may lose your account if you violate this rule.
  • Kyle is not always available to answer your questions and fast as you might want. Help can always be sought from other members on the forum though before Kyle gets back to you.

Who is WA for?

  1. People who are curious about making money online but don’t know where to begin
  2. People who want to learn more about Affiliate marketing
  3. People who are not looking for a quick fix to their financial problems but who would prefer to learn how to build an online business and watch it grow with time.
  4. Stay at home moms who would like to know how to make money working from home.
  5. People with a job but looking for something to supplement their income.

make money with wealthyaffiliate

make money with wealthyaffiliate

WA Affiliate Boot Camp


This is the part where you make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

After learning how to build your new blog from scratch and to monetize it, wealthy affiliate gives you their products to promote. They trust that whatever materials they have provided you with in the tutorials is good enough to help you start making money marketing their products!

I believe this is why they provide good quality training material even for the free membership holders to so that at the end of it they are capable of making sales, which to me is a win-win situation.

In this section, you earn money when you refer someone to wealthy affiliate whenever they make a purchase. Below are the commissions you get in brief:

How much money can you earn with Weathy Affiliate?

For a free member

Membership Payment          Commission Earned

First $19 upgrade                             $4

$49/month                                         $11.25 per month

$359/year                                            $87 per year


*If you are a premium member you earn 100% higher commission (double commission)*

For a premium Member

Membership Payment         Commission Earned

Free signup                                        $1

First $19 upgrade                             $8

$49/month                                         $23.50 per month

$359/year                                            $175 per year


*Payments are made on 1st of every month.

*You get a fully paid trip to Vegas if you make 300 referrals in a calendar year


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