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What is Peerfly?

Peerfly has been making headlines on affiliate forums is among the Top Affiliate Networks that exist on the internet today. There are more than 1200 offers available for affiliates to promote on Peerfly . Among them are CPA Offers, CPL Offers and CPS Offers (These terms are explained in a later section of this review below).

Affiliates are paid by Check, Paypal, Payoneer, Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer. There is a minimum withdrawal threshold of $50 and payment is made monthly, bi-weekly and weekly.

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Peerfly is owned by Mr. Chad French. The business was incorporated in 2009.


Is Peerfly Scam?

Before I answer that, let me explain how to use Peerfly to make a living because yes you can make money with their affiliate network. And I am talking about good money here not pennies or peanuts! But why don’t we start from the root of it all... 🙂

How to Become a Peerfly Affiliate

It is worth noting that unlike other top CPA networks like MaxBounty and Adworkmedia, it is not as easy getting approved as a beginner to be a Peerfly affiliate although there is a simple way around it which I will discuss later.

It is however absolutely free to Sign-up as a PeerFly affiliate. Just fill in your personal details on the online Form and submit.

With Peerfly you can make money either as a merchant or an affiliate. Simply, the merchants will have a product they want to reach people(CPL, CPS OR CPA) and they will give the affiliates commissions when the affiliates help them to achieve this. Peerfly will regulate this sort of market to make sure the affiliates get paid and that the merchants get exactly what they are paying for.

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PeerFly Terminologies

Let’s explain the meaning of the following PeerFly offer terms mentioned above:

CPL (Cost Per Lead)

The merchants who own this offers are mostly taking statistics, or building their mailing lists. On these offers, affiliates are paid when people submit their emails, or addresses, or phone numbers. They are mostly the easiest offers to promote and make money from because it is easier for people to enter their email address than to purchase an item online.  With PeerFly and MaxBounty CPA networks, these offers are highly paid as compared to other CPA sites

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Before you promote CPL offers, it is wise to check the offer description,  some offers only pay on the second page submit. This means the viewer will fill the first part and submit but the affiliate will only get paid if the viewer goes ahead to fill the second part as well.


CPS (Cost Per Sale)

In this type of offer, there is an item or service being sold and the affiliate promoting it will only get paid his commission for every sale he generates.

CPA (Cost Per Action)

This is a much broader term. These types of offers require that the customer takes specified action for Affiliates promoting that offer to get paid. This action will always be specified in the offer and varies from offer to offer. Examples of these actions could be.. take a survey, download a file, watch an advert or even submit their contact details. CPC, CPS and CPL are all CPAs.



CPC (Cost Per Click)

This is becoming less lucrative nowadays with prices in cpc marketing getting cheaper. It happens mostly with affiliates who own websites. Someone will pay them a certain amount to place a banner/advert on the affiliate’s website. The affiliate will be paid a certain amount when people visiting their website clicks on the banner/advert. Hence cost per click.

The only time this is lucrative enough is when a big company wants to place their advert on your website/blog because they will pay well for the clicks.

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For Any more questions you might have, see Peerfly's faq page  

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