MaxBounty Review

MaxBounty Review

Maxbounty has a new interface and everyone is loving it! Picking orders and navigating this site has never been this easy before! It is now possible to narrow down to that specific order that meets your preferences

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What is MaxBounty?

MaxBounty is among the best affiliate marketing networks available on the internet today. One of the CPA networks that every CPA affiliate is probably looking to join. In a way, the site has made affiliate marketing look so professional and that is one of the factors that is attracting affiliates worldwide to join their affiliate program. Everyone wants to feel professional nowadays.


Even if you are a work from home mum (or dad) who is making a living solely from online jobs, you would also want to sound professional when your friends are going on about their jobs as doctors or engineers or drivers!That's the experience with MaxBounty, unlike other affiliate networks.

MaxBounty Contacts

Twitter @maxbounty

Facebook Maxbounty fan page

Tel: (613)834-3955

Address: P.O Box 17039, Orleans, ON K4A 4W8


Who Owns MaxBounty?

The owner of MaxBounty CPA network is JP Sauve. This business was opened in 2004 and is constantly getting better and growing even though it is not BBB Accredited as of the time of this review.


How MaxBounty Works

MaxBounty provides an online marketing platform where both affiliates and merchants meet, with merchants looking to sell their goods and services while affiliates look to promote what the merchants are selling and earn a commission from it while MaxBounty itself regulates and facilitates the trade. It is one CPA network with a large collection of the best affiliate marketing programs with highly paid offers for affiliates to choose from.

This review will help you answer some of the questions that you probably have asked yourself a few times already about MaxBounty CPA network.


 Is MaxBounty Worth Joining?

Well, this is a personal choice. But from my experience and from what other affiliate networks we have today, there are so many reasons why I joined MaxBounty. What really stands out about them is their professionalism and personalised support.

Just like at most workplaces where we have supervisors, immediately an affiliate’s application is approved. Each affiliate is allocated a manager. The manager is there to handle any troubles you might be having with promoting your offers as an affiliate. They also give you tips on what offers are converting well which is very helpful for beginners who don’t know what offers are lucrative to promote. They are your closest point of contact in case of any questions related to any offers that you wish to promote.The managers are reachable by phone, by email and via Skype. Cash Back

MaxBounty Pros


  • Best affiliate support from the managers
  •  Highest paid offers
  •  Weekly news letter
  •  Maxbounty University! – free training for Maxbounty affiliates to help them gain more lucrative marketing skills.
  • Over 1500 offers available


MaxBounty Cons


  • Withdrawal threshold of $50 is not the best considering there are other affiliate networks like AdworkMedia whose withdrawal threshold is $30only or Proleads Media who's withdrawal threshold is just $1

However, it is worth mentioning that $50 is easily attainable with MaxBounty.


How to Make Money With MaxBounty


  1. Refer a friend to join and get paid.  When you refer someone to Maxbounty you get paid 5% commission of what they make in their first 12months.


  1. Affiliate offers. Are you wondering how to promote MaxBounty offers? There are over 1500 offers to promote on MaxBounty and since every offer has its own acceptable and unacceptable promotion methods, we can only mention the promotion methods available across this affiliate site, although not all may be acceptable for certain offers.

Here is a list of promotion methods available for MaxBounty offers.

             Facebook Ads                                    Email Marketing

Banner Ads                                        Text Ads

Payment Methods


Since MaxBounty has affiliates and merchants from all over the globe, there are numerous payment methods available. Payments are made through Checks, Wire Transfer, ACH(Direct Deposit), Payoneer and Paypal.

There are two payment plans available, weekly and net–15. Affiliates must have made at least $50 for them to request payment

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How to Become a MaxBounty Affiliate


  • It is free to join MaxBounty. You are not required to pay anything to become an affiliate with them. All you are required to do is to enter your personal details and tell them why you want to become an affiliate with them and how you plan to promote their offers.


  • Remember you do not need to have a website to be able to promote offers. You could still promote your offers on social media (eg. Facebook) or on forums and make your first online income without spending even a penny! So just speak the truth to them. They accept beginners and they know everyone starts from somewhere . All they want to see is that you are interested and you have a plan of how to move forward. Your current situation does not matter much really so just be honest.


  • Once the application form is received, you will receive a phone call from one of their staff for a short interview trying to confirm what you said on the application form so make sure you enter the phone number that you are most likely to be reached on.


  • Within a few days of the phone call, you will receive an email confirming the results of your application and if successful (which most people are) you can start making money online!

View the Application Form to Become a MaxBounty Affiliate   Here >

Maxbounty vs ClickBank vs AdworkMedia Affiliate Networks


These three have managed to be at the top of our favorite list for quite a long time now. While they have a lot in common, one thing is for sure…

Affiliates get paid more for the same offer at MaxBounty than in other affiliate networks!

Affiliate marketing


Score:make money online with affilorama

Is MaxBounty a Scam?


Although we avoid making this decision for the reader, there are several things that should make up the reader's checklist.

The number one item on your checklist should be how long an affiliate network has been active. most scams do not

survive the test of time. the reader should have a set number of years in mind to determine whether they will rate any online company as legitimate or not.

But if you are looking for an affiliate network that gives you quality in everything – quality offers that have a high pay and quality personalized support then MaxBounty is one of them.

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