CJ Affiliate Review

CJ was founded in the year 1998 and owned by online advertising conglomerate value Click, CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly commission junction) and by far the largest marketplace for the affiliate advertising with over 3000 active web publishers, advertisers and bloggers

CJ Affiliate in bygone days known as; Commission Junction is a well-liked affiliate marketing network that helps in reaching and connecting with lots of advertisers and online consumers globally with the ideas of selling together.It is currently owned or rather its parent organizations are the Conversant, Alliance Data doing its operations worldwide in the industry of affiliate marketing. The company has its headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, United sates

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The worlds most moneyed affiliate marketers would currently prefer the CJ Affiliate because all they do is show adverts on their articles that they are commissioned for whenever a viewer to their blog places on order on a certain commodity, subscribes to any act of assistance or maybe engage in activities like entering his/her details in a form provided.



 Pros and Cons of Commission Junction

Pros of using CJ Affiliate

  • Payment of commission to the publishers is purely done via CJ themselves making pay checks more reliable and secured.
  • The CJ Web site is easy to use and they basically give a hand when need arises.
  • There are tons of marketing materials for the affiliates that include; banners, product and text links, search boxes and many more.
  • The Commission Junction also have the ability to do the customization on offers. So apart from the usual deal of Pay-Per-Sale they also got good offers like Pay-Per-Lead or Pay-Per-Call that you can find.


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Cons of using CJ Affiliate

Being acknowledged into the program in commission junction can be a little harder because it basically means you to do the application individually so you ought to have gone through the requirements before doing the manual application or agreeing to any terms of service, which isn’t the case with the Click Bank where you can do your promotions on any program of our desire.

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For the commission junction, they also have a tendency of closing down the affiliate accounts that are not active.

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The core of Commission Junction

The key point here is; this is an affiliate-marketing program that presents a great tool for ecommerce marketers but one ought to be keen on the pitfalls as well just like any other business aspects. Moreover, before doing any application, an individual should go through the CJ affiliate website to capture all-important information, requirements and making sure, you are ready to venture into such kind of marketing and if your blog accepted into the program, then count yourself lucky.

With the hundreds of thousands of the marketing offers available for the advertisers and the bloggers in the CJ affiliate, include CPA, which means that commission earned by the publishers is from any action performed but their users or when they convert into a subscriber, a sale is made or a lead on the website of the advertiser.

Merely does clicks or generating of impressions lead to any production of revenue for the publishers.


CJ Affiliate Payments



Payment methods:

Direct deposit or by paper check.




Payment terms:





The minimum payout threshold