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ClickSure Review

Is Clicksure Scam or Legit?



What is Clicksure / How clicksure works

Clicksure is an affiliate network with advertisers and over 460,000 affiliates. The advertisers upload their   products and the affiliates promote these products for a commission per sale. Clicksure simply provides the tools which both affiliates and vendors require to track and manage product sales.

Do you have a digital product you would like to sell? Creating a Advertiser Account with Clicksure gives you 460k possibilities of your product getting advertised and sold. The only cost you will incur is a small handling fee payable to Clicksure for them to handle your transactions customer service and refunds on your behalf. You only pay the affiliates with the money they have sold your product o you never have to dig anything from your pocket. It’s as simple as No sale No pay.

Are you an affiliate? Then please Read on because there is a caution ahead.

How affiliates make money on Clicksure

First of all, joining and getting approved to join ClickSure affiliate program is easy. Kindly see our how to get approved to join an affiliate network affiliate guide before you apply to join. There are hundreds of products to promote on ClickSure. Just like in ClickBank, when you make a sale as an affiliate you get paid a huge chunk of the product price as your commission. With ClickSure, affiliates earn anywhere between 25% – 75% of every sale they make. So if you sold a product worth $100, you will get between $25 and $75 commission depending on what commission was stated for that specific product.

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Clicksure 2nd tier Referral Program

Just by sharing your affiliate link and getting your friends to sign up to become ClickSure affiliates you earn 3% commission for every paycheck they get. Pay checks are sent weekly. This is a great way to make money on autopilot .  

Before we get to the next part, it is worth to note that ClickSure is very easy to use and navigate website. Finding affiliate offers to promote on their website is very easy. They also have a great number of useful tools to help affiliates and advertisers succeed. To me it seems like they have put so much effort on enhancing their business except one part which brings us to the next section.

Is Clicksure Scam or Legit?

There has been lots of concern about products sold on this website leading to people questioning ClickSure’s legitimacy altogether. ClickSure is however a legitimate business and not a scam. Two things have however failed their reputation:

  1. ClickSure is pretty relaxed about the quality of products sold on their marketplace. They seem to have so many “crap” products being uploaded by advertisers on ClickSure for affiliates to promote. There are, nonetheless, some genuine products that convert well too. I would therefore advise you to be cautious deciding what products to promote on ClickSure. Do enough research about a product before you start to promote it to your audience. Some products are already known to have a bad reputation so promoting them will only cost you money and your time in exchange for very low returns.

2. 60 days money back guarantee. This is a deal that sounds so good but only to buyers. Its bad news for affiliates! With a good number of products on this site already having a bad reputation, 60days money back guarantee sounds a bit scary to me. You don’t want to sell an item and then have the customer request for refund, because they found out that the product you promoted was of low quality or did not do what it said it would do for the customer. The high refund rate has costed ClickSure its reputation

Clicksure Pros and Cons


  • Good customer support for buyers
  • 60days refund policy for buyers
  • High number of affiliates so its easy to get your products promoted and make sales on Clicksure as an advertiser
  • High number of tools to help both advertisers and affiliates
  • Good commission rates of 25%-75%


  • A high number of poor quality / reputation  products will cost you time and might cost you money too.
  • High refund rates will cost you money.
  • Little affiliate support


  Affiliate marketing Score:Make money online clicksure


Having said this, I don’t think ClickSure is a scam. People get paid by ClickSure – affiliates still make money on ClickSure. 

 However ClickSure trust levels are too low, the number of complains is too high, refunds processed by ClickSure are just too many and the genuinety of many products sold on ClickSure is just highly questionable! 

For new affiliates just learning how to make an honest buck on the internet, and also for old affiliates that are looking to expand their territories in this field, I would advise starting off with affiliate networks that have less negative attention associated with them to just keep off any trouble.


Check out our number one recommended affiliate network with few negatives just like any other normal company and so many positive remarks about them. Right from the beginning you will love the feel of their website and how they handle things from the very day you join them.


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