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Mobile Affiliate Network

AdworkMedia Supports mobile traffic. In fact, there are campaign tools available for their affiliates to target specific mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS (for iPhones) and a few other tablet and mobile operating systems.


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Right from when you bring up AdworkMedia homepage on your screen something makes it feel amazing. Perhaps it’s the colours. Or maybe it's how user-friendly and easy their website is to use. Well, it's not just about their website. The experience is this good throughout this affiliate network. It is almost obvious that Adworkmedia will rank in anyone’s top 5 affiliate networks list and more than often get that number one spot. This has been one of the best affiliate networks on my list since 2016 when I joined them.

But what makes AdworkMedia stand out from other legendary affiliate networks, like ClickBank, that have been there for many years and have passed the test of time?



 AdworkMedia in a nutshell..(pros)

    • Has been around for over 6yrs with over 700 merchants, 50,000+ publishers/affiliates and more than 2500 offers to pick from.
    • Free to join
    • Best Customer/Affiliate Support
    • Flexible payment methods anywhere in the world via Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check, through Payza, Western Union, Payoneer or ACH Direct Deposit
    • WordPress plugin for bloggers and publishers
    • 3% lifetime commission for referring a friend
    • Mobile traffic supported
    • Likely to get approved as a beginner too
    • What is even more appealing to affiliates is their very low cash out threshold of $35. Most affiliate programs and affiliate networks will have their payment threshold too high that it takes too long for affiliates to qualify for their first payment. Some go as high as twice and sometimes three times as much. This means that AdworkMedia well suits beginner affiliates too who are still learning to promote their offers and whose earnings are slowly building up.
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    • Since there are over 700 merchants on AdworkMedia, the affiliates have so many offers to choose from. So affiliates get to promote the offers that they think will make them money more easily and that are easy to promote. There are no restrictions as to the number of offers you can promote as an affiliate as long as you qualify for the offers (which you almost always do).




AdworkMedia Contacts

Based on the co-founder Dennis Weiss’s Linked in Profile the company has been there since 2010.

One address is associated with this company

PO Box 11986





Other contact information available includes

Their contact email

They can also be reached through Twitter @adworkmedia and their AdworkMedia Facebook fan page

Members can also fill in a support ticket once they are logged in. I was impressed by how fast Adworkmedia support tickets work, their feedback is in a matter of minutes. Just so convenient like never before!


This means that in case you are stuck or have an issue that you need them to clarify for you, as their affiliate, they will always be there ready to hear from you.

AdworkMedia Payment Method

Payment is made monthly, every week or per fortnight depending on how well you perform as an affiliate.

No matter which part of the world you are from, there will be a way for you to get paid on AdworkMedia. This could be via Paypal, Wire Transfer, by Check, through Payza, Western Union, Payoneer or ACH Direct Deposit.

How do affiliates make money with AdworkMedia?


The main way of earning with AdworkMedia is through commissions:

CPA, Cost Per Action

This is much similar to CPS only that with CPA affiliates get paid when visitors take any specified actions which could be sign-ups, downloads( ebooks or software), online surveys as well as making a purchase.

CPL, Cost Per Lead

These offers pay affiliates when people sign up using their email addresses or sometimes using their phone numbers depending on what offer it is.

 CPS, Cost per sale

means that you only get paid when customers buy the item you are promoting.        

 Content Locking Gateway

This helps affiliates who are bloggers and those who own websites to monetize their blogs and websites. Website visitors are required to complete short surveys or offers which do not cost them any money (but earns the blogger money) and the gateway will unlock automatically for them to view the content they were looking for on the blog/website.

Referring a Friend

If a person joins AdworkMedia through your personal referral link then you will earn 3% lifetime referral commission of what they earn.

How to Get Your Website Approved by AdworkMedia


Affiliates can deliver traffic from any country worldwide. Different offers, however, will sometimes accept traffic from specific countries but the fact that there are just so many offers then it means that affiliates can deliver traffic from any country that is most convenient for them as long as the specific offer accepts traffic from that country.


For bloggers and web publishers, AdworkMedia has a WordPress plugin that allows them to monetize their blogs and websites.there are other website/blog monetization tools available for their affiliates such as Offer Walls, Product lockers, Banner rotator, ApiCampaign API, APItracking services and Global traffic monetizer. Bloggers earn a commission when their blog visitors complete required actions such as surveys, sign-ups or downloads.



Basically, AdworksMedia will review your site and see if it's in order for approval for their plugin. It should take up to 24hrs to get your approval feedback for your website but things happen swiftly with this company it could take just a few hours sometimes.


There is not really a checklist for approval but general sense –

  • make sure your website is clean meaning it does not have any blacklisting or spamming history because they would not want to be associated with a suspicious website,
  • make sure the website has relevant content and not restricted or explicit material



 Other AdworkMedia Tips

      • When promoting your offers, never use the word ‘free’ to attract leads this is viewed as misleading advertising and you might be banned from promoting that and similar offers in future or even get your affiliate account deleted.
      • Always follow the advertisement methods permitted for individual offers otherwise you will not get paid for traffic acquired from other meansDo not use bots or automated software to cheat the system. This will get your account deleted and funds lost
      • If you are promoting offers through email marketing, only send promotion emails to members  who have opted into your mailing list otherwise sending emails to random strangers is classed as spamming








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