10 fun things to do at home this summer

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summer tips - picnic

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10 Things to do at home in summer:

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The scorching sun is the mortal enemy of fun and enjoyment. The summer heat doesn’t allow you to go out and have fun outdoors. It doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun at all. But what are the things to do for enjoyment in summer? You don’t need to buy expensive gadgets to kill boredom and have fun. Whenever someone says I am bored, do one of these two things. 

However, Complete some unfinished tasks or go for one of the following activities to enjoy the summer and fight the stress of being bored all the time. We are recommending you 10 things to do at home for fun in summer.

1. Picnic in the garden

You don’t need to find an exotic beach or a famous camping site to go for a picnic with your family. You can choose the most beautiful place in the whole world, your very own garden. 

summer tips - picnicCook some food, make some drinks, wear casual clothes and take all the things in the basket and reach the picnic place whether it’s your garden, patio or backyard of your house with full zeal to have fun on a joyful picnic.  Picnic in the garden is on top 10 things to do at home for fun in summer.

2. Barbecue

In the evening, the backyard or garden is filled with the scintillating aroma of smoked beef and ham.

You have chilled beer for adults and lemonade for kids. It is not an ordinary evening which you can easily forget. And the best thing is that you can also add different dishes and beverages to say bye-bye to the boring summer and forget all the worries to claim the evening for your own. Barbecue is my personal in the top 10 things to do at home.

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3. Water guns games

You can destroy the expensive furniture and accessories in-home, or you can go out and get wet. The latter is the better option by the way. Are you  bored and looking for a thing to do in the dreary summer? 

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Just pick the water gun, aim then fire! and the whole fun will start and without knowing everyone would be taking part in the water war with laughter and joy.

For even more fun,why not try it with water balloons!

Things to do this summer : water balloon gamesThat sudden huge splash of water from a water balloon hitting you when you are least aware will definitely make you wanna throw one back!

4. Painting with kids

Are you bored and don’t want to do any tedious physical activity; have you tried painting?

summer fun painting

Often you get out of stock for an idea on what to paint. Take a kid with you, and suddenly you would have thousands of mind-wobbling designs to paint with the joy, and every stroke of the brush would give you the happiness of the lifetime.

5. Blow bubbles

You are at home, can’t go out in the sun. And the kids are getting bored to the optimum level. Pure soap water can do miracles of wonder and joy. 

You can blow bubbles by using a bowl, some water, shampoo or liquid soap and straw is enough to make you the wizard of OZ. 

summer activities tips

Now blow the bubble and let the children chase them; every
burst of the bubble would sprinkle a bundle of happiness and joy for everyone around.

6. Trampoline fun

The word itself is enough to wipe the boredom of your mind and give you the fun dose of joy and happiness. There are no rules here. 

There is no right or wrong when you are bouncing on the trampoline. Jump in different styles, take pictures, add ball or toys whatever you will add it would spice up the fun and you would feel that you have not been bored in ages. Trampoline fun is any kid’s favorite activity.

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7. Portable swimming pool fun

Summer has a positive association with water. Look for shade and inflate your portable swimming pool in that. Filled it with water and your happiness is waiting for you to hop up and jump in. The joy of swimming never ends even if you are poorly tired enough. Portable swimming pool fun is also on top 10 things to do at home for fun in summer.portable swimming pool fun

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8. Planting flowers/gardening

It is evening, and you don’t want any physical activity to make your tires, but you are still looking for a thing or an experience to make you feel fulfilled and get you out of the monotonous feeling.

fun in the gardenGive time to your plants, care, and water is enough for them and you. The joy of planting a new plant is always a wondrous experience even if you do it often.

9. Weekend camp in the garden

Camping at the weekend has always been the most sought activity. You get out of the mundane life and chill in the summer. You don’t need to go out and look for a site. The best place is your very own garden. invite friends over, take all the necessities and erect a camp! 

camping in the garden

Don’t forget to have a good laugh and a camp fire to roast marshmallows when it gets dark .camp fire summer fun

10. Throw a costume party

You don’t need Halloween to allow you to be what you always wanted. Decide the time of the party and let everyone decide what they want to be to have fun and enjoy the evening of laughter and joy. The ideas which all would come up might surprise
you and make you laugh at each other for a long time.

Final Words

So next time when you get bored and have nothing to do at all, pick an activity from the list of top 10 things to do at home or come up with your blend and make the summer a memorable lifetime experience for all every single day.1.